You have competitive advantage
We bring sustainable competitiveness

Impact businesses generate stronger client appeal, rank higher in tender evaluations, attract funding on advantageous terms and are highly sought-after by investors. 

Our multidisciplinary team will lead you through discovering how your business can transform into a profitable impact enterprise which improves the quality of life and environment, creates decent jobs and enhances the well-being of communities, while further enhancing shareholder value. We also play a key partner role for established impact enterprises wishing to access capital to expand the scale and/or social and environmental impact of their operations.

Our clients find in us the human capital they need to plan for and reach the investible state, without side-tracking or over-burdening their executive teams and at a fraction of the cost of building internal capacity.


It all starts with knowing what impact your business has on workers, customers, communities and the environment. This holistic picture serves to highlight the areas in need of specific interventions or to prove that you are meeting your impact mission. Investors and blue-chip clients want to see proof. Impact data makes your claims credible, guards against legal claims, enhances your brand value and reputation and makes it easier for local communities and governments to grant you a social license to operate. All this elevates your venture above the competition and into an attractive investment target or to a preferred bidder level. For more detailed information, refer to our technical services.


We will carry out a multidisciplinary analysis of your ideas, identify strengths and weaknesses of the projects suggested, and use our industry insights to guide you on impact generation, incentives and measurement. In arriving at solutions, we aim to address linear problems through circular thinking, we seek synergies with other impact ventures, mitigation of risks and practicality of impact metrics. The result you can expect is an actionable and investible plan.


There is a significant amount of impact capital available in South Africa and abroad for the right projects. Depending on the size, stage, track record, needs and ambitions of your business, there will be a range of existing funding options available to you, which we will help you understand and properly consider. Sources include but are not limited to supplier and enterprise development funds, local and overseas development finance institutions and agencies (NEF, IDC, PIC, USAID, UKAID, EU funds, etc.), fund managers, corporates, pension funds, foundations, family offices, local and overseas donor institutions, etc. We are well-versed with the modus operandi of most of these players in South Africa and are here to assist you with funding applications and/or negotiations. If the scale or scope of your venture justifies a bespoke approach, we have the capability for setting up a tailored funding structure and raising capital from target investors.


We can assist you with identifying strategic partnerships and business development opportunities, for both profit and impact enhancement, within South Africa and internationally.SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH THE SUPPORT OF CORPORATE SUPPLY CHAINS

South Africa has a well-developed corporate sector. We assist impact enterprises to enhance their sustainability through integrating into the existing supply chains to ensure stable and guaranteed income.


Besides mainstream portfolios, our team has managed a number of high impact investment portfolios that have delivered consistent above average investment returns and 100% capital preservation for investors. We will work hand-in-hand with you to help you implement strategy, brainstorm solutions and measure and report your results.


No two parties enter a venture with the same objectives. The ability of any party to exit without negatively influencing the outcomes must be considered and contractually secured. Speak to us.


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