Danubia HI is focused on serving the global impact investment industry by originating and supporting deserving economic development opportunities in South Africa which are built on the principles of social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

The state of our planet and the lives of millions throughout the world suggest that the link between who we are as people and how the world is run is damaged.

We believe that it is possible to align our commercial activities with our values and to sustain humanity in sync with the laws of nature and for the benefit of all life on earth.

The more we all choose to challenge the status quo and use our skills with purpose and focus to add real value to society, the sooner impact investing will be recognised as a mainstream investment asset class and the faster a system-wide adoption of sustainable practices will be achieved.

The future is in our daily decisions.

As a group of accomplished professionals with experience and networks in a variety of fields, we have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities experienced by South Africa in its implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and in its transition to a green economy, both in the public and private sector.

We work tirelessly on fostering trusting relationships with individuals and enterprises entrenched in the sectors of national focus such as agriculture, waste management, water management, basic education, manufacturing, health, basic services, etc. Together we develop commercially viable and scalable solutions, designed for the maximum positive and sustainable impact on society and the natural environment.

Our active engagement in our networks enables us to originate, transact and incubate investible deals that deliver measurable social and/or environmental impact in deserving but underserved sectors in South Africa.

The combination of our rigorous multidisciplinary intellectual analysis with the ground-level know-how of our industry partners yields projects which are need- and demand-driven and thus commercially viable. By catalysing the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, we secure a reliable source of capital and a stable implementation platform to ensure the sustainability and success of the undertakings.

We use our existing FSB approved transacting structure but can also assist with bespoke investment vehicle solutions.


Danubia HI brings together professionals and entrepreneurs with backgrounds in financial services (asset and fund management, compliance, credit and risk management), commercial and industrial property, social and health services, agriculture, SME development and waste management.

We believe in making good ideas possible and in working with people who believe what we believe. We explore new horizons and take calculated risks hand-in-hand with partners we trust and who trust us never to give up and to come out the other side together and better than before.


Zuzana is passionate about exploring international and inter-industry sharing, collaboration and project replication opportunities with the potential to advance the progression to a circular economy.

Since 2009, Zuzana gained broad financial services experience at Leaf Capital (Pty) Ltd, a corporate finance advisory and fund management specialist. She was instrumental in the establishment and strategy execution of the R4.5bn Leaf Property Fund and its sale and listing on the JSE in 2015. Since 2016, Zuzana has been involved in large scale impact projects in the property and waste management sectors, including REDISA, the Runner-up for the Circulars Award at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos and industry partnerships developing waste abatement and recycling solutions for the mining sector. Zuzana is a qualified Chartered Accountant.



Carron thrives on looking through traditional approaches to building value and developing innovative formats that have the potential to unlock opportunities for the creation of social good that uplifts the lives of many.

Since 2010 and through her extensive work for Cadiz Asset Management as portfolio manager of the Cadiz High Impact Fund and the Cadiz Enterprise Development Fund, she established herself as one of the leading authorities on unlisted credit in the area of Impact and Socially Responsible Investing in South Africa. Since 2016 she has been involved in impact advisory and the structuring of BEE aligned, readily investible fund platforms for corporate clients wishing to become active drivers of transformation and social change in South Africa. Carron is a qualified commercial lawyer and an entrepreneur, strategist and investment analyst.


Leanne’s calling lies in assisting NGOs and SMEs with the design of efficient and sustainable social impact strategies, product development, communications and with the measuring of their program impact.

For over 15 years, Leanne has fulfilled roles in project development, finance, fundraising, marketing, communications and strategic directorship in the social development sector of Sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked with small and large organisations in the fields of rural poverty, sexual health, mental health and education and raised funding from national and international agencies, including USAID, PEPFAR, EU, Department of Health/Social Services/Education/Justice and others.  She holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology, postgraduate diplomas in HIV/AIDS Management and is completing her MBA.


Dilona is a powerhouse in navigating the technical and regulatory environment in Southern Africa. She also finds her drive in advising clients on how to minimize the undesirable and leverage the good. 

Since starting with environmental compliance and audits, licensing, due diligence and public consultation in 2010, Dilona soon became instrumental in the execution of a number of complex large scale projects throughout South Africa. She gained invaluable insight into the best impact practices in key sectors such as mining, energy (gas-to-power, renewables, electrical transmission and distribution), waste management, inter-basin transfer schemes and community projects. She holds a BSc. Honours in Environmental Management and is registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP).


Our multidisciplinary backgrounds enable us to understand the interests and the difficulties that are driving the objectives of each potential party to the deal. We strive to remain positive, creative and flexible throughout the deal negotiations, with the goal of delivering the satisfaction of real benefits to all sides. We come to the table well prepared and act quickly when the time is ripe.

With the emphasis on what can be achieved in a finite time horizon, we dream it up, we test it and we make it happen.  Or we learn from our mistakes and try again differently.

You have the capital with 
impact mission

We bring the projects

You have competitive

We bring sustainable

Your business has

We measure what those
are or can be

You have programs failing to
bring about the desired

We have the drive, the thinking
and the partners to help you
find solutions

You have something that we

Together we can do better
at helping the world to change